Presentation Business Plan

Purpose: To secure funding for your organization and to keep your business on track over a three-year horizon.

The Presentation Business Plan is a formal business plan you can use to seek funding from investors and lenders. In keeping with our philosophy that all business plans must be workable and usable, this plan is also a fully-functioning Strategic Business Plan, ready to provide you with ongoing strategies, tactics, and guidance to move your organization from today into a more profitable future.

Although you can use the Presentation Business Plan as a Strategic Business Plan, its core purpose is to convince investors and lenders about the financial viability of your business, its plans, and its projected successes.

As a result, we will tailor the plan for specific audiences. For example, if you are looking to raise debt, your banker will want to know if your incoming cash will be sufficient to cover the interest payments. Equity investors (such as venture capitalists), however, will be more interested in market and product potential, as well as an exit strategy.

We start your Presentation Business Planning process by thoroughly researching your industry, market and organization. We will then work with you to develop your business strategy over a three-year horizon.

The plan consists of the following sections:

  • Business concept and strategy
  • Financing proposal
  • Marketing Plan
  • Organizational Plan
  • Operations Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Risk mitigation
  • Implementation Plan

Whether your investors are industry experts or outsiders unfamiliar with your industry, the Presentation Business Plan presents the market background and your organization’s story in a compelling way which will convince them that your planned strategies and tactics deserve funding.

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Alina Florea, Founder & Owner

“Springboarders made my dream come true. With their expertise in business plans and financials I was able to receive business loans from two banks to start my new gymnastics and fencing academy. Faheem Moosa was responsive, detailed and knowledgeable. If I requested changes they where done immediately.

Thank you Faheem for your professionalism!”