What We Do

Springboarders is Canada’s only business planning service dedicated to building action-oriented business plans that guide entrepreneurial companies towards profitable growth. Until now, business plans have been dull, stodgy documents which companies usually shelved as soon as they received funding. It doesn’t have to be that way. A well-researched and well-executed business plan not only help you secure funding, but also serves as your organization’s guide to the future: Backed by solid data, looking ahead at the trends and challenges that face your business and your industry, and complete with guideposts you will use as benchmarks as your business grows and adapts. Springboarders builds action-oriented business plans. We’d like to build yours.

What Springboarders will do:

We will work closely and directly with your organization’s owners and/or directors. We may gently challenge your ways of thinking, but we are always thoughtful and respectful of the hard work you’ve done. Be prepared for interesting discussion and debate!

We will dive deep into your business and your industry to understand the market, attributes of successful businesses in your industry, and how to highlight your unique selling proposition. We will specify ways for your business to be different — not just another face in the crowd.

We will build a pragmatic, action-oriented business plan; one which you can use as an implementation guide to help you grow your business profitably, and manage challenges now and in the future.

What Springboarders will not do:

We will not crank out generic business plans. Your business is unique, layered, and relies on many factors for success. One size definitely does not fit all. Our business planning process is rigorous and thorough. We typically work with clients for one to three months to complete a project.

We will not develop a business plan without conducting new market research. We’re pleased to look at market research which you may have available. It’s critical, however, for us to do our own research using our own methodology. This provides us (and you) with a unique viewpoint on your business and marketplace. As a result, you’ll have the benefit of analysis from someone looking at your business and industry without any preconceived notions or assumptions.

Gary Evans, President,

“Faheem Moosa of Springboarders has been a strategic advisor with DemGen since the summer of 2009. He has assisted us with navigating our 100%+ annual growth curves and adapts well to working within a dynamic and evolving culture. Faheem has added value from day one and works well with the different personalities on our team, our strategic partners, and clients.

Faheem brings a sense of calmness and practical advice while supporting and embracing an excited and fast paced environment. He brings a practicality to match and support our stretch goals while exploring and suggesting alternatives to our original assumptions.

There is a genuine keen interest in what we are doing at all times, and we know he doesn’t consider this a “job” or “contract”, but rather he is part of our family/community.

Faheem is always on the lookout for opportunities to add value and support the growth of our team, business and that of our clients. We recommend him with a 5-STAR rating”.