Strategic Business Plan

Purpose: To keep your business on track over a three-year horizon.

The Strategic Business Plan helps you execute your business strategy and monitor business performance on an ongoing basis. It helps managers and other key employees understand your company’s strategic direction, and breaks the company’s strategy into step-by-step, action-oriented tasks you and your team will use to bring the strategy to life.

We begin the Strategic Business Planning process with thorough research of your market and business. We then work with you to develop your business strategy over a three-year horizon.

The Strategic Business Plan primarily consists of the following sections:

  • Business concept and strategy
  • Financial needs
  • Marketing Plan
  • Organizational Plan
  • Operations Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Risk mitigation
  • Implementation Plan

Critical to the Strategic Business Plan are your organization’s key success factors. These success factors vary from industry to industry, and sometimes even from firm to firm. For example, a retailer or manufacturer must manage inventory effectively, while a consumer Internet company on the other hand needs to keep a close eye on successful distribution methods. Our thorough research will uncover the key success factors for your organization. The Strategic Business Plan will give these factors considerable attention so that you can monitor the metrics that contribute to your bottom line.

Once we have developed the business strategy and tactics your organization needs to be profitable and grow over the three-year period, we draw up a detailed implementation plan with milestones and benchmarks. This plan is your team’s guide to executing the business plan successfully.

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Paul Paolatto, Executive Director,

“Springboarders is the first business planning company that understands that the success of any plan is predicated on tactical execution, and writes its plans accordingly”.